Skanderup lab

@ Genome Institute of Singapore

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Computational Precision Oncology
We develop and apply computational approaches to study cancer and how anti-cancer drugs work in patients. We develop algorithms for cancer genomics and study how machine learning approaches can enable biomarker discovery and data-driven clinical decision support. To accomplish this, we work closely with clinical teams in Singapore and abroad.

Cancer Liquid Biopsies
Profiling of circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) in blood offers a non-invasive approach to detect cancer and monitor disease progression. By profiling ctDNA over time, we study how tumors respond to treatments. We are also building machine learning models to aid detection of cancer mutations as well as detection and tracking of ctDNA levels in blood samples.

Tumor Systems Biology
Signaling between cancer and non-malignant cells of the tumor microenvironment is key to tumor progression. We are developing integrated experimental and computational methods to study tumors at a systems level. We use these approaches to discover biomarkers of immunotherapy and predict novel anti-cancer drug targets.

Research highlights

Integrative Cancer Genomics
Cancer Liquid Biopsies
Biomarker and Target Discovery

Software & Resources

Cancer Genomics Datahub
TME Metabolic Pathways
TME Crosstalk
Cancer Mutation Calling
R + cBioPortal
miRNA targets in cancer
cWords - motif discovery
version 1.0 version 2.0 (web)


Yu Amanda Guo (PostDoc)
PhD in Bioinformatics and Genetics
Cornell University, USA.

Mei Mei Chang (Bioinformatics Scientist)
Bachelor in Biostatistics
National University of Singapore.

Neha Rohatgi (PostDoc)
PhD in systems biology
University of Iceland.

Guanhua Peter Zhu (PostDoc)
PhD in computational biology
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.

Egor Revkov (Graduate student)
Bachelor in Applied Mathematics and Physics
Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT).

Probhonjon Baruah (Bioinformatics Scientist)
Bachelor in Technology
Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati.

Kiran Krishnamachari (Graduate student)
Bachelor in Engineering
National University of Singapore.

Weitai Huang (Postdoc)
PhD in Bioinformatics and Biochemistry
National University of Singapore.

Sinem Kadioglu (Graduate student)
Bachelor in Molecular Biology and Genetics
Istanbul Kultur University.

Maryam Abedi (Graduate student)
Master in Human Genetics
Isfahan University of Medical Sciences, Iran.

Ngak Leng Sim (Bioinformatics Scientist)
Bachelor in Computer Science
University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada.

Hanaé Carrié (Graduate student)
Master in Biomedical Sciences
Paris-Saclay University — CentraleSupélec, France.

Jacob Alvarez (Graduate student)
Bachelor in Biomedical Sciences
National University of Singapore.

Jia Chi Yeo (Postdoc)
PhD in Biological Sciences
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.

Mengyuan Pang (Bioinformatics Scientist)
Master in Statistics
National University of Singapore.

Victor Getty (Bioinformatics Scientist)
Bachelor in Physics and Mathematics
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.

Simone Rizzetto (Postdoc)
PhD in Medical Sciences
University of New South Wales, Australia.

Anders Jacobsen Skanderup (Principal Investigator)
Adj. Asst. Professor, School of Computing, NUS;
Adj. Senior Scientist, National Cancer Center Singapore.

Postdocs: Khi Pin Chua, Pacific Biosciences; Chee Wee Ong, National Cancer Center Singapore; Umesh Ghoshdastider, ETH Zurich; Irfahan Kassam, NUS;
PhDs: Weitai Huang, Genome Institute of Singapore; Marjan Naeini, QIMR Brisbane;
Staff scientists: Kiran Krishnamachari, A*STAR; Jacob Alvarez, Genome Institute of Singapore;
Interns: Jazzlyn Tan, Imperial College of London; Yuhan Ma, NTU; Yutong Cai, University of Cambridge; Julie Sulacroup, University of Bordeaux; Kayla Lee, University of British Columbia; Ahmed Abdelmoneim, University of British Columbia; Dylan Lu, University of British Columbia; Alexander Swift-Scott, University of British Columbia; Hamzeh Mesrian, University of Isfahan; Egor Revkov, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology; Anuar Yeraliyev, University of British Columbia; Kayla Lee, University of British Columbia; Satwik Bhattamishra, Birla ITS; Tanmay Kulshrestha, Birla ITS; Karthik MuthuKumar, Northeastern University, Boston; Tin Nguyen, University of Science, HCM City; Sundar Solai, Harvard University; Karthik Muthukumar; Probhonjon Baruah, Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati;


Selected publications, see Google Scholar for a complete list of publications: